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Someone I had no affiliation with in real life…... | My Dirty Mind (18+)

Someone I had no affiliation with in real life… created ads stealing my picture on Craigslist.  These were posted with my e-mail address and the area I live in…pretending to be me. The ads depicted me as a crackhead and a whore… all from a seemingly “first hand” account.

I got those fraudulent and harassing posts on Craigslist removed.

Due to the extent to which this stranger stalked me for harassment, I was able to open a case against the harasser with the police department.  

Everything on the internet is traceable… be careful what you wish for :)

  1. keoki0929 said: good thing it all got resolved, but getting a concealed carry license might not be such a bad idea, just in case.
  2. elistrip said: good for you. I hope that person gets what they deserve. You surely didn’t deserve that.
  3. the-reaper-sows said: Good luck, sweetheart. People can be such scumbags these days.
  4. dj-luna said: what happened? why were they stalking and harassing you?
  5. dirtyred69 posted this

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